Follow up and Track your Application

Your application is sent straight to the recruiter with a copy to yourself. This will display the advertisers direct email address should you wish to follow up in support of your application - please do not email the website.

If after 5 days you have heard nothing, it is well worth sending a brief email asking for feedback and again highlighting your skills against their needs.

The Application Tracker section of your account shows all the recent applications you have made and the status of these applications.You will see the Job Title, location, salary, application date and status. The status is the action that the advertiser has taken with your application.

If the status is shown as rejected, this means that the advertiser has rejected your application and we would hope that you have received an email explaining why.

If it shows Pending, then this means that the advertiser has taken no action at all in their account. When you see Pending it is worth a follow up to gain feedback.

You could also see “contacted”, this means the advertiser has sent you an email asking for further information.

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