The Power of a Cover Note

Most of us working in the Print Industry already know that Newspapers and Magazines are read on the strength of the HEADLINE, yet not enough of us adopt this simple principle when applying for a new job.

Most people pay more attention to their CV instead of their cover note; however, the cover note is the first impression (your Headline), and we all know that you never get a second chance at a first impression. If you do not grab the employers' attention and appeal to their interests right away, THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOUR CV THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES and will immediately rule you out simply because of a poor or uninteresting introduction.

When an employer sets their eye on a personalised cover note, relevant to the vacancy, it instantly grabs their attention. By simply personalising the first paragraph of each cover note for the particular vacancy you are applying for you will automatically stand above the rest of the competition and dramatically boost your chances of landing the job.

Three Must Do's when writing your Cover Note:

  • Always read the advert for Key Words / Skills and make sure you use them in your introduction.
  • Always compare your experience to their requirements.
  • Always customise your cover note to match the unique vacancy.

You can now quickly and easily download the free oZZle Cover Note "standard" Template, which you can store in your account and "personalise" to suit each individual vacancy you apply for. By adopting this tailored and compelling way of presenting yourself you will dramatically improve your chances of winning that all important interview.

You can save multiple cover letters within your account  which means you can tailor a cover note and save it for every print job or packaging job you apply for on oZZle. 

A CV does not get you the job... that's the purpose of the interview! Nor does a CV get you the interview... that's the job of a quality Cover Note.

Get that all important interview and download our FREE Cover Note Template here.