Interview tips for your career in design, print or packaging


  • Ensure that you read and understand the Job Description
  • Be clear on what value you can bring to the employer
  • Be honest about what in-house training you may need
  • Whenever possible visit the employer's website, you may find useful information
  • Check out the company’s Products, Facilities, Market and Culture
  • Ensure you know the name and position of the interviewer
  • Establish the content of the interview i.e. one on one, a panel or an assessment day
  • Prepare your own questions in advance, eg. about your Department or Company aspirations
  • Take along a copy of your CV, References, Training Certificates and Qualifications
  • Plan your journey, view a map and allow for delays
  • Arrive on time, early is no better than late
  • Wear conservative dress and clean well-kept shoes
  • Offer a steady and confident handshake upon arrival
  • Only sit down when invited to do so
  • At the end of the interview ask if there are any areas that they would like clarification or further detail on
  • Make sure you know the next procedure before you leave, when you can expect to hear from them, will there be second interviews
  • Thank them for their time and interest and assure them of your own


  • Put your personal belongings on the desk
  • Interrupt the interviewer whilst he/she is talking
  • Ask about salary and benefits at the first interview, unless prompted
  • Respond in negatives or criticise previous roles and employers

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