WOW words to use on your CV

Your CV is the one document that you need to get right.

If you want to stand out from the crowd try using some of these words to give your CV the WOW factor. There are also some examples of how you could use these words in your CV.

 Adapted  ~ “Become adjusted to new conditions”

“Reacting to a price increase in paper, I adapted the pricing strategy for our customer base which resulted in taking a 5% market share”.

 Generated ~ “to cause, to produce”

“My new quotation strategy generated an extra £1million in new business from a clearly defined customer base.”

 Evaluated ~ “to determine the significance, worth or quality of”

“Through conducting online customer research, I evaluated the 2 main areas where our customer service could be improved.”

 Cultivated ~ “Nurture, take care of”

“I cultivated relationships with the internal account management team which resulted in 15% fewer errors in customer orders.”

 Leveraged ~ “power or ability to act or to influence people”

“I leveraged our litho business with a large multinational to win all their digital print business worth £3million.”

 Promoted ~ “to advance in rank, dignity or position”

“After improving the print quality for our customer base by 5%, I was promoted to No 1 Machine Minder.”

 Resolved ~ “ to deal with successfully”

I resolved a pricing dispute with our suppliers which resulted in a 2% increase in profit for 2010/2011.

 Transformed ~ “to change in form, appearance or structure”

I transformed our production process to a simple 3 stage process which improved our quality by 25% within 3 months.

 Negotiated ~ “ to arrange and reach by discussion of settlement of terms”

I negotiated a new contract with a retail giant which reduced our stock liability by £100,000.

 Qualified ~ “ be entitled to a particular benefit or privilege by fulfilling a necessary condition.”

“The company qualified for a eco-friendly award due to my implementation of a new soy-based ink.”

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