Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register with oZZle?

If you are looking for a new Printing Job, Packaging Job or Design Job, then oZZle is best placed to help you. We have the top Employers and Recruiters in the industry using our Job Board to find their new employees. Even if you do not see the right job for you at the moment, it is well worth registering as we can email you the latest vacancies that match your skills. Our Employers and Recruiters also regularly search our database, so you don’t need to do anything and can be contacted about an interesting opportunity before it is even advertised.

I cannot log into my account, please can you help?

Please check you are logging into the Job Seeker section of our site. Please also remember your password is case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, simply select the Forgotten Password link underneath the orange "Log In" box and the system will send an email enabling you to reset a new password.

How do I protect my privacy on your site?

oZZle has the technology to keep your profile and details completely confidential. You can choose the option to have your profile searchable or not. If you do not want to be found by recruiters and employers searching our database, then please ensure your profile is not visible.

Also at the end of your registration you will be asked to complete our oZZle "Xclude" section. You enter the full name of the company you currently work for, or previous organisations that you do not want to see your details and they will never know you are registered with us. You can also add any new company names at any time through your account, select “protect your privacy using "Xclude” and enter the new details.

How do I best manage the "Jobs by Email" Section within my account?

Visit the "Jobs By Email" Section of your dashboard. If you have no saved searches listed within your account, please follow these instructions:

  • On the right hand side of the page you will notice a blue "Search latest jobs" pod. Please enter the job title and location you are looking for. The system will then either display a list of suitable jobs or will tell you there are no matched jobs currently.
  • You will then need to select the "Save this search" box either on the right hand side or underneath the matched jobs.
  • Once you have a saved search in your account, we will then email you every time a recruiter or employer posts a vacancy with your search criteria.
  • PLEASE NOTE - You must rename your saved search within your Jobs by Email section so it is personal to you. eg. My Saved Search or My Email Alerts etc.

I cannot get my CV into my account?

Our system will only accept CV’s in either a Microsoft Word Document or an Adobe PDF document. The file size is also really important and your CV must be no larger than 2GB.

It may be that your CV is still open on your desktop. Please make sure your CV document is closed before uploading your CV as otherwise our system cannot find your document. Check your tabs at the bottom of your computer to check whether you still have your CV open or not?

Should I upload my CV onto oZZle?

Your CV is your main selling document and Employers and Recruiters will always want to see your CV if you have applied to an advertised job, your CV could also make you stand out from the crowd to make sure you land that all important interview. If you do not want your CV in your account, it is worth sending your CV to the advertiser after you have applied. You will always receive a copy of your application with the email address of who you have applied to, if your CV is not in your account, then send a separate email attaching your CV, it will make you stand out and demonstrate how interested you are in the vacancy.

Another important reason for uploading your CV is that our Employers and Recruiters often proactively search for the skills they need. You could be headhunted quickly if your CV is in your account and sells your skills and achievements, you could be notified about future vacancies before they are even advertised.

How do I manage my CV's to get the best from my Job Search?

The system allows you to upload mutiple CV's into your account and we highly recommend this to tailor a CV for each job you apply for. Every Employer wants something unique and you need to demonstrate that you have achieved their requirements clearly for them to see.

  • Go to "Manage CV's" section of your dashboard.
  • Select add new CV. Browse your computer to find the CV you want to upload and then select upload.
  • Once your CV is in your account, you must rename each CV so that the system can recognise each individual CV. We would recommend naming each CV with your name and the name of the company you are applying for so if you get invited to interview you can easily see which CV you sent them.

You also need to set your Primary CV Settings. This determines which CV Recruiters and Employers searching our database will find you in. It is important that your CV is fully loaded with the relevant key words so that if you are a Self Adhesive Label Printer, you have those words regularly listed throughout your CV.

I notice that when I apply for jobs, there is a section for me to write or attach a cover letter, why is this important?

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to write a brief compelling cover note to make sure that the Employers and Recruiters give you an interview. We have now made this section compulsory and strongly suggest you use this effectively.

Write a short overview of how your skills and experience match the Job requirements. It is well worth using the keywords that the advertiser has used to make sure if they use electronic matching, your application will win throug

You can save mutiple cover notes within your account so you can easily attach or create a new cover note every time you apply for a vacancy.

Either write a cover note in word and then copy and paste the words into the text box or simply free type a cover letter for each application.

We would suggest saving each cover note as the name of the company you have applied to so you can easily see which cover note was sent to which employer.

I have sent off applications and heard nothing back, how do I follow up on these?

We send you a copy of all applications. In this copy you will see the email address of the person who your application has been sent to. If after 3 days you have heard nothing, it is well worth sending a brief email asking for feedback and again highlighting your skills against their needs.
If you have sent off numerous applications and receiving no feedback it may also be worth reviewing your CV. Why not read our CV tips to maximise your CV.

I would like to know more about the “My Applications” section in my account as I see my application is still pending.

The Application Tracker section of your account shows all the recent applications you have made and the status of these applications.

You will see the Job Title, application date and status. The status is the action that the advertiser has taken with your application.

If the status is shown as rejected, this means that the advertiser has rejected your application and we would hope that you have received an email explaining why. If it shows Pending, then this means that the advertiser has taken no action at all in their account. When you see Pending it is worth a follow up to gain feedback. You could also see “contacted”, this means the advertiser has sent you an email asking for further information.

I would like to know how to remove my details from oZZle.

  • Log into your account and click on the "Security Settings" section on your dashboard.
  • Select the "Delete" button and you will then be prompted to confirm that you wish to Delete all record of your account, please note once you accept this all record of your account will be removed from the system.

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