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We regard our members privacy as one of our most important values. We want you to know how we protect member data and what choices you have about its use. We believe oZZle’s Privacy Policy should give you confidence whenever you use oZZle – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

The information we collect from you is only that required by us in order for us to provide you with the service and information required.

By utilising oZZle’s “Xclude” feature you can control who cannot view your personal details e.g. current or previous employers. However oZZle does not accept responsibility for any spelling, typographical, company name changes, acquisitions, group associations or any other errors when utilising this facility.

When you register to use our service and by using the oZZle website, you will be deemed to consent to our use of your personal information in the following ways:

  • We will use the information that you provide to personalise your experience on the site.
  • Data from your personal account (including your CV) can only be accessed by third party companies who have subscribed to oZZle for the purpose of recruiting personnel for their business.

Other Websites

oZZle will not pass your details to any 3 rd party website without your express authority.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in the hard drive of your computer by your browser. We use cookies to enable us to personalise your visits to the website and to keep track of your use of the website. Cookies are commonly used on websites and do not harm your computer.
You will find on your browser that you can opt to prevent websites using cookies, but before deciding this you should note that by selecting this option you may reduce the speed and effectiveness of this website.

Policy Changes

oZZle may change this policy from time to time as we add or improve our services and our website, both in response to the changing nature of our business and changes in the law. Users will not be notified of changes and whilst you are a customer of oZZle , you may wish to check on a regular basis to see if there have been any changes in our Privacy Policy.


We take security very seriously and take all reasonable precautions to protect your communications with us.

All your financial information is collected by Worldpay - a guaranteed 100% secure service provided by The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc. Whenever you complete a form which requests financial details, it is automatically protected using something called a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) between your company and ours. SSL works in the following ways:

  • It prevents impersonation – you can tell that you are using a genuine SSL site by the padlock symbol at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the padlock will give you additional information about the levels of encryption on that page.
  • It encrypts data – as soon as your computer has recognised our computer, they encrypt all information that is passed between them. Data encryption means that no one else can read or change your information as it travels over the Internet.
  • It prevents scrambling – SSL uses a Message Authentification Code (MAC) to prevent anyone tampering with your Internet site. Your computer will always check this code before it takes a message from us. This means that if anyone tried to interfere with a message, your computer would not recognise the code and would alert you.

Your Comments

oZZle always welcomes your comments on our website and services as we strive to improve our products and services. Please note that any comments submitted become the property of oZZle and may be used for marketing purposes or to contact you with regard to your comments on the site. We will ask you for approval in writing or email should we wish to use your comments for marketing purposes.