Receiving and responding to applications

Receiving applications

Your applications will be notified to you by email, containing three options:

  • View this applicant’s profile
  • Download this applicants’s CV
  • View all applicants for this vacancy
  • Respond to this applicant

Simply click on "View this Applicant" and the link will take you straight through to your oZZle Log-In page. Once you have entered your Log-In details (for security) the system will take you straight to the "Manage your Applications".

Behind each applicants name is their "Personal Profile", to view this click on their name. By scrolling down this page you will see "Download this Candidates CV". By selecting this the applicants CV will appear on your screen, there may be a short time delay, dependant upon the file size.

Once you have viewed their details, we would ask that you be kind enough to respond to the applicant acknowledging receipt of their application.

Responding to applications

Once you close down the candidates CV you will return to the Applicants Profile. At the bottom right of this page you will see "Contact Applicant". Select from the drop down menu whichever template you would like to use to communicate with the applicant. These templates can be amended to include your own personal message.

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