Job Seeker Watchdog

Get ahead of your competition and be notified about the latest talent first!

No need to search through our growing database every day, simply tell the system the skills or job title you are looking for and it will inform you every day of all the matched people who have registered in the past 24 hours.

Tips on using our Watchdog:

  • Watchdog Name - This is for you to use a friendly name to help you recognise what your watchdog is.
  • Annual Salary Range - This is an optional field that does not need to be completed if not required.
  • Location - You need to enter the first 3-5 characters of a town/city, or postcode and it is set to a maximum range of within 50 miles. 
  • Enable Watchdog will always be set with a tick in the box. Please do not remove the tick as your watchdog will then not be active.
  • Manage Specialisms - You can select only 1 specialism, sub specialism and experience per watchdog. 
  • You can set a maximum of 10 Watchdogs within your account.

This service is only available through our Annual Platinum Plus Membership. If you are currently an Annual Platinum Member and would like to upgrade the additional cost is only £250 (plus vat) per annum.

If you would like to upgrade your membership to include the latest job seeker alerts contact us here!

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